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Landscaping in The Lowcountry: 6 Tips for Winter

  • June 30, 2013
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With winter temperatures comes slow or dormant growth and here a few tips for you to think about:
Tip 1:Pruning back trees like crape myrtles, as well as ornamental grasses will promote growth and help define the proper shape of shrubs and plant material.

Tip 2: Mulch and pine straw application once the leaves have fallen, give your property great curb appeal, can help plants retain moisture, and fight against weeds.

Tip 3: While this can be done year round, the dormant winter season is a great time to catch up on limbing up palm trees and clearing unwanted growth around your property.

Tip 4: Apply pre-emergent to your turf in late winter/early spring to prevent weed growth in the upcoming spring and summer months.

Tip 5: High potassium fertilizers on your turf and ornamental grasses can protect the root system during the winter.

Tip 6: A good rule of thumb is to reduce irrigation time by half when night temperatures remain in the 40s or below, but turn the system off during rainy periods to reduce cost and prevent overwatering…when temperatures reach freezing, prepare ahead of time and shut down the irrigation system to prevent water freezing in your irrigation lines which can crack or break your existing lines.



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